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This guy, my youngest son! He almost never offers a sincere smile for the camera, it’s almost always crossed eyes or a goofy grin, or an silly stance… just like his dad! His love for goofy pictures is the perfect reflection of his adventurous personality and care free attitude. My wife and I have plenty of silly and candid pics of our family and our adventures in our small farm town of McMinnville, and we wanted some photos that focused on him. As a McMinnville Oregon photographer one would think that should be easy. It was ;)

Summer is crazy in our family as we chase our adventures and enjoy family time all while balancing the super busy wedding season. By the time the work day ends, kids are home from their adventures, the garden is watered, farm chores are done, and the family is fed, it’s hard to consider picking up a camera again and running our the door for birthday photos. But, that’s exactly what we did for our almost 6 year old, we literally changed him out of his PJ’s, got in the car at 8:50 pm, and raced into town (12 minutes away from the farm we live on if there is no traffic). The benefit of working as a McMinnville Oregon photographer is I knew exactly where to go as we raced against the setting sun. We had so many places we wanted to shoot at in our quaint little farm town, but we couldn’t be happier with the photos! While I used to think it came down to being at the right place at the right time, I’ve recently come to realize that Aly and I are quite good at working on the fly with our cameras! Special thanks to our birthday man who so lovingly allowed us to bribe him with an ice cream trip to Serendipity!

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